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Thérèse and Melanie speak with guest, Lisa Chin about the fourth trimester, why she is so passionate about it, what she learned through her own expeirences and what she has created to help others who have options and choices for their time after birth.

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This week we bring you a repeat of Episode 52. Thérèse and Melanie discuss the important topic of how a doula negotiates the conversation with their client about their care provider's reputation both statistically and anecdotally as well as the facility that they plan to birth in. Is it your role? What is your responsibility?

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Thérèse and Melanie discuss the topic of birth shame. Many who give birth differently then what they have envisioned, feel a sense of shame after their expereince. What causes this feeling? What as a doula, can you do to support clients better to avoid this feeling if possible? What as a culture can we do to reduce this risk of shaming continuance?

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Thérèse and Melanie answer a listener's question about the use of the foley bulb as a method of induction. They also address when is the "right" time to enter a client's labor that has begun with an induction and how long do you stay after a cesarean birth.

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Thérèse and Melanie talk with Elizabeth Theriault, a woman who envisioned a beautiful breastfeeding experience with her new baby that became an emotional and physical roller coaster ride due to low milk supply. Elizabeth talks openly about her journey to understanding that sometimes a woman is not able to solely breastfeed and the whys may not be entirely known. A very important listen.

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Thérèse and Melanie to talk with Karla Helbert, LPC about perinatal loss and how best to support clients who have a pregnancy year loss.

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Thérèse and Melanie to talk with Sue Ellen about a home birth to hospital birth transfer she recently attended.

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Thérèse and Melanie to talk with Rachel who shares her birth story and her experience having a doula for support.

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Thérèse and Melanie to talk with Nicole Link-Troen a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist about the history of the ingestion of placentas, the whys, the hows and how to approach this topic with your clients.

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Thérèse and Melanie to talk with Emma O'Brien, a toLabor trained doula and herbalist about how doulas can best serve and support the LGBT client.

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