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Happy New Year! The ladies are on a much-deserved break but didn't want you all to go without. Here's a ToRaise Flashback in which Sarah and Thérèse talk about the challenges and joys of a doula's on-call existence. Enjoy! 

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Thérèse and Melanie discuss one of the most common challenges of a doula, when do you go be with your client in labor? Is it ok to come and then go? How do you know? Is there a formula for this ongoing circumstance? By discussing 2 births that Melaine recently attended, examples are shown as to how you can perhaps have more clarity on this somewhat mysterious predicament.

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Thérèse and Melanie answer a listener's question in regard to episiotomies vs tears, is it better to be cut by a PCP or to allow the body to tear on its own? Which heals better?

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Thérèse and Melanie welcome Jennie Jospeh, LM, CPM of Commonsense Childbirth based in Orlando FL to discuss racial dispartities in maternal healthcare. Jennie has been working tirelessly to provide access to care to pregnant women, with a focus on the African American population, in hopes of reducing the infant mortality rate by reducing premature births and the number of low birth wieight babies being born. She shares with the listeners her understanding of the situation and her ideas and solutions to help change this life and death situation of so many babies and mothers.

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Thérèse and Melanie talk about the importance of speaking with your client, both the pregnant woman and her partner about what they have been told about their birth, what their perspectives and beliefs are.and how the culture at large can impact these constructs.

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Thérèse and Melanie welcome Sarah from Texas to discuss a client who has had 2 cesareans after two labors, a planned cesarean and now is attempting a VBAC.

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Thérèse and Melanie talk about how to discuss and help sort out who, if anyone their client wants to invite to their birth. If someone is invited, what conversations can take place to help make this is a good experience for all. What if someone assumes they are invited, how is this negotiated.

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Thérèse and Melanie discuss whether it is appropiate for children to attend a birth. If a parent wants a child to participate, how do they best prepare that child so the birth will be the best experience for all.

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Thérèse and Melanie invite two partners/husbands into the studio to discuss the role of supporting an active doula. What does it take? What are the downsides of this role? What have they learned along the way? What have they found works and doesn't work. An excelelnt and honest look of the impact of this work on personal relationships

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Thérèse and Melanie discuss a whether having a child is a prequisite to being a doula? What if you become pregnant , should you continue offering services while pregnant and if so, when do you take a pause? When do you return? Can you take your baby with you to a birth?

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