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Thérèse has a conversation with Emily Bruno, a Certified Birth Doula and one of the owners of My Birth in Richmond VA about how to best support a client who is planning to have a VBAC.

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Thérèse has a conversation with Karry Wolf Anderson, a doula in the Chicago area. They discuss Karry's life as a mother, wife, doula and massage therapist and how she balances it all throughout these years of being active in birth work.

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Thérèse continues her conversation with Cary York, a lactation consultant about how we can support a person who is having latch issues as well as, the different postions that can be used while breastfeeding.

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Thérèse talks with Cary York, a lactation consultant about undisturbed breastfeeding, what it looks like and how it can be protected in that first hour and the days after birth

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Thérèse talks with Cheyenne Varner about an article she recently wrote entitled, "8 Things to Know About Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice".

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Thérèse talks with Emily Landry,, from Tulsa Ok about a service she offers to new doulas, doula mentorship.

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Thérèse talks with Jocelyn Alt, a certified professional birth doula in Seattle how has helped to start a successful hospital doula program where the doulas get paid a living wage and and the clients and staff reap the benefits as well.

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Thérèse and Melanie spend time together talking about the toLabor doula workshops, how they help to emulate the spirit, the intention necessary in birth work and how they may help to transform our own personal lives.

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Thérèse talks with Jen Kamel the creator and director of about the true risks of a VBAC, what does the evidence show, what are the practices in place, why are these practices in place and so much more.

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Thérèse talks with the Debby Prudhomme & Melissa Gutierrez Nelson from the non-profit organization Everyday Miracles. This Minneapolis MN based organization provide free birth doula services and classes to any pregnant woman on medicad.

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