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Thérèse and Melanie answer a question from a listener in Isarel who wonders about the importance of having a mulititude of skils to offer your client or is emotional support the most important? What percent of doula work is emotional and psychological support? What percent is based on
knowledge of the ins and outs of pregnancy and labor, and implementation of physical supports?

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Thérèse and Melanie discuss what the role of a doula is from the time from the birth of the baby until the baby's first latch.

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Thérèse and Melanie focus on the important role a doula plays in helping to create a more realsitic and smoother pathway for their client's breastfeeding experience in the prenatal period.

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Thérèse and Melanie talk about what to do when you are excited to begin the work of being a doula but you areun sure where to find clients and how. They also discuss their thoughts on how to conduct your interview appointment---where, who, what to bring, how long, etc. Good listen for experienced doulas as well.

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Thérèse and Melanie talk to women's childbirth advocate Cristen Pascucci (Improving Birth and Birth Monopoly) and professional photographer/doula Lindsay Askins (Spot of Serendipity) are driving from San Francisco to Philadelphia, stopping along the way to meet and photograph the women of America who have experienced and witnessed traumatic birth and obstetric violence.

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Thérèse and Sarah welcome Melanie Headley, the new co-host of the podcast, and the three women talk about doula burnout, how to re-energize, and how to know when it's time to walk away.

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Violet, an experienced birth attendant calls to talk to Therese and Sarah about a client who has trouble relaxing into labor and how best to support her.

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Thérèse talks to Sarah about her view of birth as a human right and a civil right, and the role of birth workers in supporting those rights.

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Therese takes a question about setting up a virtual doula practice, and Sarah and Therese talk about working with hospitalists.

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