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This week we bring you a repeat of Episode #10 Being a doula is rewarding but can be incredibly draining. Too many of us fail to take care of ourselves as we work so hard to take care of others. Thérèse and Sarah discuss setting appropriate boundaries and standards of self-care for doulas to protect both the birth experience and their own work-life harmony.

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Thérèse has a conversation with Stacie Scott, a labor and delivery nurse in Richmond VA. Stacie speaks to what it is like to be a nurse, insghts about the system and how doulas and nurses can best work together

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Thérèse and Melanie discuss the importance of every doula having a contract beginnng with the first birth they attend and some important clauses that they want to make sure are included and communicated wth their clients. Contractions are for everyone's protection and a necessary aspect of professionalism.

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