toRaise Questions Doula Podcast (Interventions)

How to talk to and support clients after a birth that didn't go as they planned and how to balance your vision of how the client's birth went with theirs.

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Jessica from Vermont joins Sarah and Therese to talk about a birth she supported involving a swollen cervix and a birth center to hospital transfer. 

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Sarah and Therese follow up on their discussion about Caeserian Sections.

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Therese and Sarah talk about the doulas role when a c-section is suggested by the care provider but not yet medically necessary. 

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Pitocin is among the most common medical interventions used by laboring women and their care providers to induce and/or accelerate labor.  Sarah and Therese discuss the hormone and its relationship to the role of the doula.

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Sarah and Therese discuss inductions and take a question about how long a doula should continue to work during her own pregnancy.

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