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Thérèse and Sarah welcome Melanie Headley, the new co-host of the podcast, and the three women talk about doula burnout, how to re-energize, and how to know when it's time to walk away.

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Violet, an experienced birth attendant calls to talk to Therese and Sarah about a client who has trouble relaxing into labor and how best to support her.

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Thérèse talks to Sarah about her view of birth as a human right and a civil right, and the role of birth workers in supporting those rights.

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Therese takes a question about setting up a virtual doula practice, and Sarah and Therese talk about working with hospitalists.

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Therese and Sarah talk to Anne from Baltimore, who is still working to process a difficult birth from several months ago that involved a number of interventions and a very long pushing stage. Anne talks to Therese about her role in what was a fairly traumatic experience for her client.

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Sarah and Therese talk about how water can be used effectively in a labor for pain relief and even labor augmentation.

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Therese and Sarah go over some of the items and tools that might be useful to take to a birth at a home or a birthing center and prioritize those items that are most useful.

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Sarah and Therese talk about helping clients face the potential for loss in birth.  

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Therese and Sarah talk about working with a backup, financial arrangements with other doulas, and situations you may face that would necessitate a backup.

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