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Therese takes a question about setting up a virtual doula practice, and Sarah and Therese talk about working with hospitalists.

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Therese and Sarah talk to Anne from Baltimore, who is still working to process a difficult birth from several months ago that involved a number of interventions and a very long pushing stage. Anne talks to Therese about her role in what was a fairly traumatic experience for her client.

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Sarah and Therese talk about how water can be used effectively in a labor for pain relief and even labor augmentation.

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Therese and Sarah go over some of the items and tools that might be useful to take to a birth at a home or a birthing center and prioritize those items that are most useful.

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Sarah and Therese talk about helping clients face the potential for loss in birth.  

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Therese and Sarah talk about working with a backup, financial arrangements with other doulas, and situations you may face that would necessitate a backup.

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Jenny from Michigan joins Therese and Sarah to talk about supporting type A moms who have a hard time letting go and surrendering to labor.

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Being on call is one of the hardest aspects of doula life. As we head into the busiest holiday season in the US, Therese and Sarah talk about how to deal with being on call, practically, spiritually, and emotionally, an issue that affects us all year round but that can feel especially present during the winter.

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Therese and Sarah talk to Terri, a doula in San Diego who has a client who wants to try to VBAC with a breech baby and a bicornate, or heart-shaped uterus. Therese helps Terri sort out the options and choices she can give her client.

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Most doulas will eventually have a client who is angry at them, whether fairly or unfairly. Therese and Sarah talk about how to handle being blamed for something you feel is not your fault and also how to grapple with the realization that you did make mistakes and that a client has legitimate complaints.

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